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Dry Heat Sterilizers Steam Sterilizers(New) Steam Sterilizers(Remanufactured) Gas Sterilizers Glass Beads Sterilizers GMP Sterilizers Chemiclave Sterilizers Cold Sterilization Pre & Post Vac table top sterilizers Laboratory sterilizers Large Sterilizers Large Sterilizers Quote Form Vertical Sterilizers Washers


Autoclave Cleaner Atmospheric Water Generation Bags for sterilizers-put your instruments in bags so you can use the instruments later Bowie Dick- monitor sterilizer operation and air removal for vacuum-assisted steam sterilizersCassettes for your sterilizer Chemical Indicator Strips and Biological Indicators for every autoclave and sterilizer Chemiclave solutions for your Harvey MDT Chemiclave Chemiclave Vapor Exhaust System Distiller - distill your own water (it is cheaper) Door Gaskets for autoclaves Filters for every autoclave Heaters for every autoclave Heat Seal Pouches for steam sterilizers Indicator Tape Maintenance Kits Manuals for every type of sterilizer Manuals digital free for download Printers for autoclaves Sealer bag automatic Sealer bag manual Spore Testing Steam Generators for large sterilizers Steam Trap for Thermometer - Maximum Registering Trays for any autoclave Ultrasonic Cleaners


Alfa Medical Authorized Distributor About Sterilizers Accessories Affiliates Angora undergarment Warmers Articles Cannabis Testing Labs - Sterilizers Baby Bottle Sterilizer Centrifuges parts Capnograph Company Profile Conversion measurement Tables Dental Gloves Dental Hand Pieces and Accessories Dental Handpiece Repair Dental Mirrors Dental Impression Material Dental Mixing tips Dental Supplies ECG Employment opportunity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)FDA approved Autoclaves and sterilizersIndicator strips for dry heat sterilizers Fetal Doppler Fetal Monitor Indicator strips for dry heat sterilizers Indicator strips for steam sterilizers Infection Control Regulations Laboratory products Nail salon safety Laboratory products Vortex and such Lupes and Headlights Monthly sterilizers maintenance MSDS New Products Parts for Dental Chairs Parts for Dental Delivery Syatems Parts for Hydrocolators Parts for Laboratory Analyzers Market Forge Products Parts for Plaster Vacuums Parts for all sterilizers Patient Monitor Pulse Oximeter SheerVision Products Testimonials of Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, and more Reverse Osmosis - Removes particles from water Trouble Shooting Guides for all autoclaves Stethoscopes Trouble Shooting Guides for all autoclaves Vital Signs Monitor Your Feedback

Markets we serve

Barber shops; Beauty Shops; Barber Schools, Nail Salons, etc Laboratory Tattoo Veterinarians

Free Reports

Dentists and Hand Pieces - this report will tell you which sterilizer has been approved for hand piece sterilization by the FDA. Markets which are FDA exempt Infection Control Report Order Form - use this form when you prefer ordering via fax. Credit application W9-Alfa Medical W9-Alpha Productions Resale Certificate ACH EFT authorization form Terms and conditions Leasing application - Want to lease your sterilizer? Medicare Enforcing the use of printer on your sterilizer

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Alfa Medical All American Steam autoclaves Amerex / Hirayama Sterilizers American Sterilizer company products Amsco Autoclaves Andersen Products Arnold Sterilizers Astell Autoclaves Axis Sterilizers Axss Sterilizers Barnstead Thermolyne Beta Star Large Sterilizers BioClave Buxton Products Biotool Swiss LabFlame Castle 777 Sterilizer Castle M7 Sterilizer CISA Sterilization Systems Consolidated Stills Large sterilizers Rectangular Cylindrical Sterilizers cPac cPac-SteriSure Delta Sterilizer by Pelton and Crane Dentronix Dry Heat Sterilizer Elite Steam Sterilizer Eschmann SES Little Sister Autoclaves Fuji Steam Sterilizer Hirayama Sterilizers KavoKlave LabClave Market Forge Autoclaves MDT Steam and Chemiclave sterilizer Melag sterilizers Midmark M7 Sterilizer, Midmark M9 Sterilizer, Midmark M11 Sterilizer Napco Sterilizers Ozone Sterilizer - Bed Bugs Solution Pelton & Crane Sterilizers Pharmetics Autoclaves Phoenix Sterilizers Porter autoclave Prestige sterilizers Primus sterilizer Priorclave Laboratory Sterilizers Revolutionary Science Ritter M7 sterilizer Ritter M9 sterilizer Ritter M11 Sterilizer Ritter 777 Sterilizer Saniclave Sanyo Top Loading Autoclaves Sci Can Sterilizer Shinva Sterilizers / Autoclaves Speedclave Castle 777 Autoclave Speedclave M7 Autoclave Steri Dent Dry Heat Sterilizers Steris Sterilizers Sturdy Sterilizers
Tau Sterilizers Tecno Gaz Autoclaves Sterilizers Tomy Sterilizers Tuttnauer sterilizers Varioklav Sterilizer Vernitron Sterilizers Wayne dry heat Wisconsin
Xinhua Sterilizers ( Xin Hua Sterilizers ) Zenith Autoclave ZEOSS Gas Sterilizer

Parts for your equipment

Aspirators suction pumps Autoclave parts Autopsey saws parts Bulk autoclave washedrs parts Cast cutters spreaders parts Dental chairs parts Dental compressors parts Dental film xray processors parts Dental laboratory equipment parts Dental lamps bulbs parts Dental light units parts ECG EKG machines patient cables Exam tables chairs parts General shop aids parts Hydrocolators parts Infant incubators warmers parts Laboratory analyzers parts Lamps bulbs parts Non invasive blood pressure monitors parts Plaster vacuums parts VWR Laboratory products





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