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The Bag Feeder - Euroseal® 2001 Thermosealing Machine

Euroseal¨ 2001 is the newest electronic thermosealing machine. It has a continuous cycle and constant temperature which has a guaranteed sealing size of 12 mm., with dual voltage of 125 to 230 Volts.

Euroseal¨ 2001 is a machine with a modern, innovative and ergonomic design, easy to use and to clean, with rounded contours and fitted with a roll holder which has an overall dimensions that measures the length of the machine.

Image of EuroSeal 2001The sterilization rolls of paper/polypropylene, available in 100 or 200 meters, are positioned inside the machine.

The new applied technology minimizes the energy consumption by creating shorter sealing times and eliminating the need of cooling times between every use. It also increase the reliability of the machine, excluding the period servicing and repairs.

Technical Features

  • Sealing band: 12 mm. 
  • Type of sealing: constant temperature, sealing or width 310 mm. 
  • Power unit: unique autonomous, usable with ever voltage (also available in 125 Volts), not subject to short circuiting, easy to repair (in the rare case of breakage), and built according to safety standards. 
  • Roll hanger: a hidden support 
  • Energy consumption: it is 50% less than the standard impulse sealing machine 
  • Power: 100 Watt - 230 Volts. Bipolar switch, nesting cable 
  • Cooling time: not needed, between one sealing and another 
  • Positioning of the tape during the sealing: during the sealing there is no difference between placing the sealing tape with the film above or below 
  • Cutting edge: practical, safe, functional and easy to use 
  • Sealing lever: ergonomic, handle with a light and delicate movement 
  • Design: ergonomic and rounded 
  • Color: RAL 9002, powder painted 
  • Weight of the machine: 11,7 Kg. 
  • Routine maintenance: not necessary 
  • Guaranteed: 2 years 





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