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Why should you buy from us?
Because you can benefit from our 20 years experience in this field.
Because in addition to selling sterilizers, we will advise, support, and respond to your needs.
Because here you will find a sterilizer that will fit exactly what you need.
Beause we will stand on our heads to please you.
Because we are large enough to service you, and small enough to understand your needs.
Other details about us: Alfa Medical, your autoclave and sterilizer experts.



For assistance, call 1-800-748-1259 and ask for -- Mark, Shlomo, Chuck, Markus, Jeff, Daphne, Miral, Danielle, Anne, Evelyn, or Steve... 





Alfa Medical  59 Madison Ave, Hempstead, NY 11550 
1-800-748-1259 fax 516-489-9364
International Calls 516-489-3855


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