Hirayama's model HS-111 is a versatile, compact hybridization oven that also functions as an incubator shaker. It incorporates a microprocessor temperature controller that together with a large and quiet circulating fan, assure uniform and precise temperature control. The large 12.5" x 14.8" double-paned glass window enables one to clearly and easily observe the inside of the entire stainless steel chamber.

The rotisserie can accommodate eight or sixteen 40-mm tubes, depending on their length. For tri-directional rotation, one can easily offset the two tube holders of the rotisserie assembly by up to 20 degrees to generate a rotary action that moves liquid from one end of the tube to the other. The resulting greater rigorous washing action allows the use of less probe solution and effects greater hybridization efficiency.

The HS-111 increases the versatility of a hybridization oven by incorporating a platform for shaking Erlenmeyer flasks of size up to 500 mL. By removing the rotisserie from the chamber, and this can be done in seconds, the platform can accommodate a 6-liter flask. The platform can also be used for slowly shaking a tray used in wash procedures, and is more convenient than removing the rotisserie and replacing it with a rocker attachment. A unique, dynamically-balanced triple eccentric drive provides smooth and quiet shaking up to 300 RPM, making the HS-111 a true incubator shaker for bacteria or cell culture.

The HS-101 is similar to the HS-111, except that it does not have a platform.



Platform Shaker, Hybridization Oven, Incubator and Convection Oven Accessories

Optional accessories include platforms, clamps, custom spring racks, hybridization bottles, microtiter plate holders and additional shelves.