Indicator strips for every autoclave and sterilizer


Chemical Indicator Strips

Alfa offers the complete line of color change chemical indicators designed to meet industry standards.

Each CI product visually verifies that items have seen the sterilization process and should be used in conjuction with routine"spore testing" as part of an overall sterility assurance program.


Dry Heat Indicator Strips - DIS-100
Steam Indicator Strips -



Biological Indicators

  • Each Biological Indicator contains live Bacillus spores which document through thier death that sterilization was actually achieved.

  • An in office BI system for use with Steam, EO gas, Chemical vapor and Dry heat processes.
  • After processing in a normal load, the user aseptically transfers the BI strip into media and incubates at 56 Celcius (Steam/C-vapor) or 37 Celsius (EO gas/Dry heat) for seven days.
  • A color change and visible tubidity of a processed BI indicates sterilizer failure.
SporeView Culture Set - CS-100
SporeView Culture Set 56 C Stater Kit SK056 (comes with incubator)
SporeView Culture Set 37 C Stater Kit SK037 (comes with incubator)

Bilogical Indicator Strips - DS-100





Immediate Read-out System

Peace of mind is immediate with this "advance technology" medical device.

Scientifically engineered to integrate all 3 critical parameters of sterilization (time, temperature and saturated steam), the SteamPlus Sterilization Integrator is certified to perform equal to a biological indicator plus an added safety factor.


SteamPlus Intergrator - SSI-100