Autoclave Temperature and Time Pressure Chart

Steam autoclave 121 C (250 F) 15psi 15min
unwrapped items 132 C (270 F) 30psi 3min
lightly wrapped items 132 C (270 F) 30psi 8min
heavily wrapped items 132 C (270 F) 30psi 10min
Dry heat wrapped 170 C (340 F) 60 min
  160 C (340 F)  120min
150 C (300F) 150min
140 C (285F) 180min
121 C (250F)  12hrs
Dry heat (rapid flow) 190 C (375F) 6min
unwrapped items
Dry heat (rapid flow) 190 C  (375 F) 12min
packaged items
Chemical vapor 132 C (270 F) 20-40 psi 20min
Ethylene oxide Ambient 8-10 hours
As published by Jada, (Journal of American Dental Association)
Vol 122 December 1991

Here is an item that you should use regularily in order to verify that your sterilizer autoclave did achieve the temperature desire. This is a themometer range is
between 150?F to 350?F (65?C to 177?C). Click here for further details



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