You can manually cut fragments out of the middle of a track, by defining the beginning and length of a cut on one or more positions.
To do this, you must set the playback position on the moment where a new cut should begin and then you do one of the following:

While depressing the left mouse button, drag to select the fragment you want to cut out.
The selected part will be cut out if you press the Del key on the keyboard.
Place a check mark in front of Start cut.
Activate the quick menu inside the wave window and then select Start new cut.

A cut can begin and end on the precise desired moment by moving the start line and end line of the cut to the desired position.
Please note that the chosen scale of the wave window determines the accuracy with which the start and end point can be set.

The beginning and end points of a cut will only be displayed if you place the playback position inside the cut out fragment.

The sound that is cut out is displayed in a dark gray color in the wave window.
In case more than one cut is defined, you can use the little arrow buttons above Start cut to move the playback position to the preceding or following cut.

During playback, the playback position will jump over the cut out sound.

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