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Dear customer,

During the busy year, we don't always have the chance to thank you for your business.

However, during an occasion like an up & coming summer, we would like to do something special to show you how valued and special you really are to us.

So to prove it, I'd like to give you a special price on a floor model of Pelton and Crane fully automatic Delta 10 sterilizer (10"dia x 18" deep).

You know our prices are extremely competitive anyway, but during the next few weeks you'll save an additional 30% of our discounted price of $2995.00 just for being a loyal customer.

If you need any an additional Sterilizers -- you automatically save 30%... Do you need another sterilizer? Or to replace yours?

No problem -- stock up now because you get 30% off...

But that's not all... If you're one of the first 17 customers to purchase the Pelton and Crane Delta Sterilizer, we'll also give you a free case of sterilizer cleaner.

That's right... this sterilizer cleaner will help you maintain the sterilizer without break downs...and it's yours absolutely free until we run out of these 17 Delta 10 sterilizers.

Don't wait, While this is on your mind, why not glance through the web site For More Details and see more detailed specifications regarding this product.

Savings will never be greater. Once again thank you for your continued business this year. I hope you'll be able to take advantage of this special savings during the first weeks of this summer.

So Sincerely,

Shlomo Savyon - President
Alfa medical
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the Delta 10 floor model sterilizer.

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