Dear Doctor,

Alfa now has available a Pelton & Crane 8” dia x 15” deep autoclave for ½ the cost of new.

They all come with automatic shut off and venting mechanism. Which means, when the cycle is over, the sterilizer shuts off and vents automatically.

Your benefits are …
1. Bags will be dry when the cycle is finished.
2. The risk of a fire is gone.
3. You could run the last cycle before you go home without having to wait around for the cycle to complete.
4. Never again have to think “did I leave the autoclave running? Is it on or is it off?

For 17 years Alfa have been remanufactured these sterilizers. They work great.

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Our customers trusted us to purchase a re manufactured sterilizer instead of a new one for less then 1/2 the price. They are all 100% satisfied.

Order now, we have only a few available.

Thank you,

Shlomo Savyon - Founder
Alfa Medical - Your Sterilizer Experts.


6" Dia X 14" Deep Sentry

$1495.00 (6 available)

Details Here


7" Dia X 14" Deep OCM

$ 1595.00 (6 available)

Details Here


8" Dia X 15" Deep Validator 8

$ 1795.00 (16 available)

Details Here


9" Dia X 18" Deep OCR 

$1995.00 (7 Available)

Details Here


10" Dia X 18" Deep Validator 

$ 2195.00 (2 available)

Details Here





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