Fire First Aide  is a new generation fire suppressant product. This air powered, environmentally safe spray is water based, pH neutral and contains no chloroflurocarbons or hydrocarbons.
100% Natural Fire  First Aide is the safest and most effective way to control small class A and B fires.

Fire First Aide is ideal for use in  Homes, Offices and Automobiles.
Safe, contains no caustic or corrosive chemicals.
Environmentally friendly, no artificial propellants, powered by air.

Safe for use in Food Preparation and Eating Areas.
Water based, pH neutral and hypoallergenic 

Prefect for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Offices and Factories.

Will not harm or stain fabrics, upholstery, or carpets.

Naturally Controls and prevents re-ignition of small fires in: Wood, Plastic, Paper, Grease, Oil, Gasoline

Use Fire First Aide without worry in: 

Works fast
 Works until empty
 Works on small class A and B fires
 Prevents re-ignition
 Spray in any position
 Water based pH neutral
 Air powered
 Break  Rooms and Canteens
 Environmentally safe
 Nurseries and Bedrooms
 Schools and Day Care  Centers
 Health Care Facilities
 Autos, Boats, Campers & RVs
 Money back guarantee

Fire First Aide will spray in any position, even upside down, and may be reused until the container is empty.

How do I go about buying it?
163.00 for a case of 12 cans