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How to keep your Pelton & Crane OCM & OCR sterilizer for many more years to come?

Let us Remanufacture it for you.

If you were considering discarding out your Pelton & Crane OCM, OCR or Sentry sterilizer, and buying a new sterilizer --  read the following and judge for yourself.

We have been in the sterilizer repair and Remanufacture business since 1975.  Experience and history shows that the OCM, OCR, and Sentry models are the most reliable, and are the easiest to use sterilizers ever made.

They are very roomy sterilizers to trouble shoot,  repair, and change the components.  There are after market companies which do nothing but  manufacture parts for these sterilizers.  There are millions of these sterilizers still sterilizing successfully every day.

The Pelton & Crane OCM, OCR or Sentry are the sterilizers that truly never became obsolete and never will.

      OCM   (the way to identify this model is by the number of screws which hold the cover.
                    There are three(3) screws on each side of the sterilizer)

          Chamber size      7"dia x 14" deep
          Outside width   15"
          Outside depth   18"
          Outside height  13"

      OCR   (the way to identify this model is by the number of screws which hold the cover.
                    There are four(4) screws on each side of the sterilizer)

          Chamber size      9"dia x 18" deep
          Outside width   17"
          Outside depth   22"
          Outside height  15"

      Sentry   (this unit has a black plastic door)

          Chamber size     6"dia x 14" deep
          Outside width  14.5"
          Outside depth  18.5"
          Outside height 10.5"

Let's face it...this is one of the best sterilizer ever made.  It works & works. Pelton & Crane stopped making the OCM, OCR & Sentry on or about 1986.  That was when Pelton & Crane was bought by Siemens.  Siemens decision was to manufacture only a computerized sterilizer (which they did) and called it the Validator.

There are doctors we meet at conventions who tell us that they have had this sterilizer for more than 25 years, with only minor repairs.

Then why change a winner?  remanufacture it -- we will do it for you

We at Alfa also feel that this was one of the best sterilizers ever made.  Except for one thing.  It has a manual timer.

The way the Pelton & Crane OCM or OCR work is, after filling the chamber with water, setting the timer, and turning to sterilize position, the cycle starts.   Upon completion of the cycle,  the bell goes off, and the user has to do the following:

            1.    Turn the bottom knob to vent position.
            2.    When the pressure is all vented, and the gauge is at the zero mark ...
            3.    Turn the bottom knob back to the off position.

The problem arises when the user works in a different room of the location of the sterilizer and will not hear the bell going off marking the completion of the cycle.

So the venting would not be done, and the timer wouldn't be turned off.   The sterilizer should be vented no later than 60 minutes after the unit is being turned on.

Even if the user did hear the bell going off,  because of being involved in other tasks, the decision to vent the sterilizer right then would be delayed to when free time was at hand. However, free time doesn't come in a busy health care practice.  The end result would be the same...the sterilizer would stay in the On Position for very long time.

Many times the sterilizer would be left running much more than an hour.  We have heard of cases where the sterilizer would be left on all night (did that ever happened to you?).

We have heard of cases where the sterilizer would be left for the entire weekend (did that ever happened to you?).

Here is what will happen If you leave the sterilizer running longer than an hour --

The water will evaporate from the chamber... the heaters would still be on... heating the chamber... the chamber would get red hot... and after a while... the chamber would start to get warped.

Now we have a chamber which (instead of being smooth and round) has some bumps, and can make contact with the heater only on its high points (the bumps).  The heater is made in such a way that it evenly distributes the wattage all across wherever it makes contact.  However, since it makes contact only the "bumps" area, all the wattage is concentrated there.  There is now much higher wattage touching at several points on the chamber.

The real problem starts to evolve.  Those bumps on the chamber get all the high wattage, and they slowly start developing pin holes.  When the sterilizer is run, the pressure starts to leak out through those pin holes.  When steam leaks through those pin holes and onto the heater, they short out the heater, and the yellow light in the front is no longer working.

Many repair people, when they trouble shoot this sterilizer, recognize that the heater needs to be replaced, and indeed, after the heater is replaced, the yellow light will come on, and the sterilizer will heat up again.  However, not for long. This is because the chamber has pin holes in it, and the steam will again escape the chamber onto the heater and short it out.

The only solution is in addition to replacing the heaters, is to replace or repair the chamber as well.

To prevent this problem from ever happening again, we install a mechanical timer which, when the bell goes off,  automatically shuts off the power to the sterilizer, and the sterilizer then vents itself.

You no longer have to stay around until the cycle is over, no longer have to rush back from lunch to vent and shut off the sterilizer, no longer have to worry while you are at home or on the way to your home whether the sterilizer is on or off.  From now on, it will shut off and vent automatically.   In addition, to the above, it will protect the heaters, and the chamber from malfunctioning.   Most important, it will protect your instruments.

Here is what you should do with your Pelton & Crane OCM, OCR or Sentry:

Save the best autoclave ever made by sending it to us. Your Pelton and Crane OCM,  OCR or Sentry can be made better than new by Alfa Medical Equipment. When we get your sterilizer in our factory we do the following:

Here is what you should do with your Pelton & Crane OCM:

Save the best autoclave ever made by sending it to us. Your Pelton and Crane OCM can be made better than new by Alfa Medical Equipment. When we get your sterilizer in our factory we do the following:

Replace all three heaters
Replace filter
Install New Gasket
Rewire the entire sterilizer with temperature sensitive wire
Upgrade to a larger reservoir (if yours doesn't have one already)
Install New Temperature and Pressure Gauges
Calibrate for more accurate temperature & pressure reading
Install 'Over Pressure' Safety Valve
Upgrade to our Automatic Shut Off System
Upgrade to our Automatic Venting System
Upgrade and strengthen the chamber.

To completely rebuild your Pelton & Crane OCM click here for the price Pelton Crane OCM Rebuild (plus freight)
If this is the only sterilizer you have, we can ship you a Refurbished sterilizer, just like yours, and take yours back in exchange. Same price as above.

So you have two options:

Option 1 - We'll pick up your sterilizer, rebuild it, and ship back.
Your cost is (click for price) plus $130.00 for round trip freight.

Option 2 - We'll ship you an Pelton Crane OCM sterilizer (just like yours),
and arrange to pick your up. The cost is the same as option 1 plus $130.00 for round trip freight.
The only benefit to you in doing option 2 is that you'll a sterilizer to use faster.

One year warranty for parts and labor.  (except door gasket & filter & freight)

References and testimonials:
We have done thousands of such rebuilds, very successfully and to the satisfactory of thousands customers.
Here are some of the testimonials of our customers who we rebuilt their Pelton and Crane OCM sterilizer.


1.    Richard G. Winston DDS
       & Wexsler Lisa DDS
       135 Third Ave.
       Mineola, N.Y. 11023

"We own both the Pelton & Crane Sentry and the OCM.  Alfa Medical has remanufactured both of them for us.  We have both sterilizers in a small sterilization area.  In all of our treatment  rooms the TV is on for patient entertainment.  Before we had Alfa remanufacture the sterilizers, we could not hear the timer bell ring.  The sterilizers always ran longer then they were supposed to.  The benefit of the sterilizers shutting off and venting by themselves is tremendous, and saves a lot money.  Whenever we have had problems with the sterilizers during the last nine(9) years, Alfa's service always responded right away.  They offered us loaners and gave us fast repair service.  Alfa's repair technicians have always been great with help over the phone to diagnose our problems, and to solve them ourselves.  Alfa has always given us advice on how to properly use and maintain our autoclaves."

2.    Lazor Norman DVM
       2600 Forman Rd
       Austinburg, OH 44010

"We traded our Pelton & Crane OCM sterilizer in May 1995.  It has been working great.  The way Alfa refurbished the sterilizer was very satisfying to us.  The sterilizer is very reliable and so are the people at Alfa.  In particular Mark Sanders who is our representative."

3.    Musicer Richard DDS
       1650 Oakbrook Dr # 440
       Norcross, GA 30093

"We have been using Alfa Medical for our sterilizers needs since 1992.  Alfa has rebuilt 6 of our Pelton & Crane OCM sterilizers (we have several dental clinics in Georgia).  Every time we have a need for part, or if something is wrong, Alfa is very fast to react to our needs.  We have been extremely pleased with them, and I would recommend them to anybody.  If you want to ask me any specific questions, please feel free to call me"  Pat Derrick.

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