Sterilizers and autoclave available for all needs.
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Alfa Medical
14 Bond St
Great Neck NY 11021
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Autoclaves and sterilizers temperature and pressure chart

Steam autoclave 121 C (250 F) 15psi 15min
unwrapped items 132 C (270 F) 30psi 3min
lightly wrapped items 132 C (270 F) 30psi 8min
heavily wrapped items 132 C (270 F) 30psi 10min
Dry heat 170 C (340 F) 60 min
160 C (340 F) 120min
150 C (300F) 150min
140 C (285F) 180min
121 C (250F) 12hrs
Dry heat (rapid flow) 190 C (375F) 6min
unwrapped items
Dry heat (rapid flow) 190 C (375 F) 12min
packaged items
Chemical vapor 132 C (270 F) 20-40 psi 20min
Ethylene oxide Ambient 8-10 hours
As published by Jada, (Journal of American Dental Association)
Vol 122 December 1991


For assistance call 1- 800-801-9934 and ask for
Andy, Andrea, Shlomo, or Chuck

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