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Barnstead New Chemiclave Sterilizers

The New Harvey Chemiclave

Overall Dimensions
16.5"W x 13"H x 23"D 
(40.00 cm x 27.31 cm x 58.42cm)
19.25"W x 16.25"H x 26.25"D 
(48.90 cm x 41.28 cm x 66.68 cm)
Chamber Dimensions
8" dia. x 13.25" deep 
(20.32 cm x 33.66 cm)
10" dia. x 16" deep 
(25.40 cm x 40.64 cm)
Reservoir Capacity
28 fluid oz. (0.84 litre)
39 fluid oz. (1.17 litres)
Heater wattage
800 Watts
1200 Watts
Fixed Cycle Parameters
20 min. @132C
20 min. @132C
Operating Pressure
20-40 psi 
(1.41-2.82 kg/cm2)
20-40 psi 
(1.41-2.82 kg/cm2)
Operational Weight
59 lbs. (26.8 kg)
120 lbs. (54.55 kg)
Shipping Weight
73 lbs. (32.2 kg)
134 lbs. (60.91 kg)

Harvey Chemclave Accessories
  261823 Diameter-Indexed Filter Top Only
Vapor solution 260812 Canadian Vapo-Steril w/French Label 
Case: 4 each, 4-packs
Standard Tray Racks and Trays    231600201 Tray for Chemclave EC6000
231550201 Tray for Chemclave EC5500
260761 IMS Tray Rack, holds 3 cassettes
HRX5 Pouch Rack
Chemi-filter  264255 Pkg. of 4 for Chemiclave EC5500 and EC6000
261569 Pkg. of 1
Door Gaskets  260006701 For Chemiclave EC6000, EM6000
280000301 For Chemiclave EC5500, EM5500 
(Replace 1 per year to assure best seal)
Tray Liners For Chemiclave EC6000 231600401 Chamber Tray: 16" (40.6 cm) x 14" (35.6 cm)
For Chemiclave EC5500   231550401 Chamber Tray: 12.75" (32.4 cm) x 11.5" (29.2 cm)-Box of 500
231601301 Set-Up Tray: 14.5" (36.8 cm) x 7.5" (19 cm)-Box of 250
231603001 See-Thru Tray: 8" (20.3 cm) x 11.125" (28.3 cm)-Box of 250
Instrument Packaging and Monitoring Accessories    230300001 Self-Sealing Chemitest Indicator Bags (Tray Size)-150 per Box
230301001 Self-Sealing Chemitest Indicator Bags 
(Instrument Size) 250 Per Box, 2.5"W (6.3 cm) x 1.5"H (3.8 cm) x 10.5"L (26.7 cm)
230302001 Chemitest See-Thru Indicator Pouches (Tray Size) 150 per Box, 5"W (12.7 cm) x 15"L (38.1 cm)
230303001 Chemitest See-Thru Indicator Pouches (Instrument Size) 250 per Box, 3"W (7.6 cm) x 12"L (30.5 cm) See-Thru bags are a combination of mylar and paper. May be sealed with Chemitest Indicator Tape.

Your Benefits of the MDT Chemicalve

There's no better way to extend the life of your instruments.
The Harvey Chemiclave is a fully automated and proven device for sterilizing medical and dental instruments without dulling, rusting, corroding, or otherwise impairing their properties.
The chemical vapor process protects your investment in instruments.

Chemiclaves vs. Steam 
Unlike the humid environment produced by conventional steam, the unsaturated chemical vapor method is a low-humidity process. No time-consuming drying phase is needed, because nothing ever gets wet. What's more, the heat-up time is shorter than for most steam sterilizers, and the heaters stay on between cycles to minimize warm-up time and increase the instrument turnover.

Safety Always
Harvey Chemiclaves use a proprietary sterilant solution, Harvey Vapo-Steril, which contains a trace of formaldehyde (less than one quarter of one percent). When used as directed, standard Chemiclaves operate well within United States safety standards for formaldehyde emissions. Technical data available from Barnstead-Thermolyne.

Easy to Operate
The EC Series Chemiclave Sterilizers' controls are easy to operate. No complicated microprocessors are used. An electronic timer times the 20 minute exposure phase and the purge phase.

Easy to Fill
Chemiclaves feature a unique diameter-indexed filling system.
The Vapo-Steril flow, automatically when full to prevent spillage. 
The system also prevents the use of incorrect solutions.

Easy to Purge
When the cycle is complete, a buzzer and light indicate "exposure complete". When the dial is turned to "depressurize", the Chemi-purge injects compressed air into the chamber to speed displacement of residual chamical vapor through the Chemi-filter.

Minimal Odor
Chemiclaves feature a built-in motorized Chemi-purge system which includes a Chemi-filter to virtually eliminate potentially objectionable odor.

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Andrea, Renata, Ed, Shlomo, or Chuck

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