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Alfa Medical
10 Bond St
Great Neck NY 11021
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Alfa began in 1974 as a sterilizer repair company serving the medical, dental, veterinary and podiatry markets of the New York City and Metropolitan Area.  Since then Alfa has grown to become the recognized expert on sterilizers.

Being in this business for more than twenty years, we understand how important it is to recommend the proper type of sterilizer to accommodate your needs.

In 1987, Alfa began its complete refurbishments of the Pelton & Crane OCM and OCR sterilizers.  One of the most noteworthy improvements Alfa made to this product is the automatic shut off and vent mechanism.

When the Pelton & Crane Validator began to have electrical failures, Alfa converted this unit to a manual system, prolonging the life of this sterilizer.  Today, Pelton and Crane is manufacturing the Delta sterilizers, which is the latest version, and they are working great.

In 1994, Alfa contracted an agreement with Prestige Medical of England to import their products exclusively for the Tattoo, Body Piercing and Beauty markets.

In 1996, Alfa acquired the Worlds' Fastest Dry Heat Sterilizer... "The Cox Sterilizer", and began manufacturing it in its New York facilites.

In the summer of 1999 purchased Vernitron four product lines. All of them are Steam autoclaves. For the 1st 6 months of operation, Alfa modified 3 of the 4 products, and are about ready to start production.

Alfa  has a basic philosophy...whenever a problem arises, an Alfa Medical technician is there offering free telephone consultation to evaluate and correct both simple and complicated problems.

Alfa's goal is to lead, to advise, and to serve you ... the customer, and to give you the most complete and un-biased advise on the best ways to use sterilizers and to bring about the outcome...the advantage...the result you want, need and desire.

It's not about how great our company is, or how great we are as professionals...its about how the sterilizers we manufacture and distribute will benefit your life, your business practice, or customers, and what advantages and protection it will give you.

Contact Alfa today if you have a need to repair your sterilizer, or purchase a new or pre owned sterilizer.

When you call us, you will learn why thousands of satisfied customers are still counting on us as their "Sterilizer Experts".

Sincerely yours,

Shlomo Savyon - President. & CEO

All contents are Copyrighted in 1997 by Alfa Medical. It may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without prior written permission.

For assistance call 1- 800-801-9934 and ask for
Andy, Andrea, Shlomo, or Chuck

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