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Air2Water Resolution

Air2Water Dolphin1

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The Dolphin1 represents our newest model of quality Atmospheric Water Generation technology.

The features of the Dolphin1 set it apart from any other machine available in the marketplace today. This hot/cold water machine brings superior logic, easy to read LCD display, and low energy consumption.

With it's municipal tap-in feature, the Dolphin1 is perfect for environments where temperature and humidity are seasonal. Our superior filter system ensures that the water dispensed is not only filtered through NSF certified filters, but through high-quality - no waste RO filters as well. The water is treated by two inline UV lamps and is re-circulated to ensure fresh tasting water when you need it.

Combined with its no-waste RO system, the Dolphin1 represents the most fully featured and thoroughly though through AWG design ever built. Contact your local Air2Water dealer for details on where to buy your new Dolphin1 atmospheric water machine and join "The New Generation of Water".

Water Quality Report


Water Filtration system: 4 filters and 2 x UV lights.

Water Flow from the collection tank: Sediment filter, Carbon filter 1, Reverse Osmosis, Carbon filter 2, then the 1st UV Light. Additional UV light for cold water: All cold water is additionally sanitized by passing the water through a 2nd UV light.

Recycle Mode: Several recycle modes not only assure that the D-1 produces the freshest water available when you need it, recycling on power up and every 4 hours during normal operation for 20-30 min. (depending on mode) yields longer filter life & less maintenance.

2 speed fan: A 2 speed fan is used to allow the dealer or end user to select between maximum water production, or a quieter operation mode. The switch is on the back of the unit.

Quiet Operation Sound: measures less than 50dB maximum sound level (measured 1ft from the unit, when generating water).

Municipal Water Mode: Municipal water mode is designed to provide additional water source if atmospheric water generation can not keep up with demand. Municipal water requires an external pre-filter kit to maintain water quality vs. atmospheric water.

Note: Without a pre-filter, all of the standard filters, especially the Reverse Osmosis filter life will be much shorter.

If an external water source is present, and the Relative Humidity is above 40%. Any time the collection tank is empty, the unit will fill the collection tank from the external water source (takes about 1 min), and then shut off the external water source, and resume Atmospheric water production.

If an external water source is present, and the Relative Humidity is below 40%. Any time the collection tank is empty, the unit will fill the collection tank from the external water source (takes about 1 min), and then shut off the external water source. Atmospheric water production will resume if the R/H goes above 40%.

Hot Water Child Lock: Hot Water will only be dispensed if the Child Lock button is pressed before the Hot Water Button. The system resets after each use, or if no Hot water is dispensed for 30 seconds. The unit sounds a long warning tone if the Hot Water button is pressed without first pressing the Child Lock button. This can remind an adult to engage the Child Lock, or warn that a child is playing with the machine.

Filter Replacement Warning: The unit will remind the end user to replace each filter as required. Filter replacement timers can be reset at any time, if the filters are replaced early. The Sediment, Carbon filters (x2) & the Reverse Osmosis filter should be replaced every 12 months. The filters are accessible from the front of the machine, have quick disconnect connectors and the panel is easily removed to facilitate filter replacement.

Dolphin1 User Interface Liquid Crystal Display: The unit displays the current status of the machine with full animation on the front panel color LCD. Displays include Atmospheric water generation, filtering the water, dispensing Hot or Cold Water, Hot and Cold water tank temp, Heater and Cooler Status, UV Light Status / Failure, filter replacement, leak sensor, defrost sensor, the level of water in the collection tank and storage tank, etc.

All button presses respond with an acknowledgement tone and where appropriate, mode change on the LCD, or a long warning tone if the requested operation cannot be performed.

Specifications at a glance

Water Generation: 22.80L/6USG per day in Quiet Fan Mode;
27.6L/7.3USG per day in High Fan Mode @30oC (86oF) and 70-80%RH
Storage capacity: 16.9L/4.46USG
Humidity range: 35% to 95%
Muncipal Mode Kit: Filter 15L/4USG per hour from water line-in
Power Consumption: Less than 5W standby / 480W water generation
Unit Size: 418 X 418 X 1145 MM /46KG
Refrigerant 410a

Detailed Specifications

Size and Weight Height Width Depth
Machine Size - Metric 1145 418 418
Machine Size - English (in) 45.08 16.46 16.46
Shipping Package Size- Metric (mm) 1185 430 430
Shipping Package Size - English (in) 46.65 16.93 16.93
Kilograms Pounds
Machine Weight - Net 46.0 101.4
Machine Weight - Gross 48.5 106.9
Water Storage/Availability Total Capacity
Usable Capacity
Total Capacity
(US Gal)
Usable Capacity
(US Gal)
Storage Tank (Stainless Steel, top storage tank) 8.5 8.5 2.25 2.25
Cold Water Tank 2.1 2.1 0.55 0.55
Hot Water Tank1 1.3 0.7 0.34 0.18
Collection Tank 5 5 1.32 1.32
Total Capacity 16.9 16.4 4.46 4.31
Immediate Available Capacity2 11.3 3.0
1 Hot water tank maintains a minimum internal level of .6 liters to ensure the heating element is always submerged, and will not operate if the level is too low.
2 As soon as the Storage tank water level starts to drop, water will start to be filtered/ transferred from the collection tank. See filtration speed below.
Liters/Min US Gal/Min
Water Dispensing Speed 2.0 0.53
Filtration speed (time to filter water from the collection tank to the storage tank) Liters/Hour US Gal/Hour Time to filter entire collection tank (mins) Notes
Filter Pak with High Capacity Reverse Osmosis filter and Premium filter pump. 15.75 4.16 19 With municipal water connected, at least 5 Lt (1.32 US Gal) will be available every 20 mins
Atmospheric Water Generation Liters/Hour Liters/Day US Gal/Hour US Gal/Day
30 C (86 F) and 70%-80% RH with high fan speed 1.15 27.60 0.30 7.29
30 C (86 F) and 70%-80% RH with low fan speed 0.95 22.80 0.25 6.02
Power Consumption Watts Notes
Generating Water 500
Heating Water 530 Heats Water from 25 C (77 F) to 88 C (190 F) in 12 minutes, then maintains 88 C (190 F).
Cooling Water 490 Cools Water from 25 C (77 F) to 5.5 C (42 F) in 6 minutes, then maintains 5.5 C (42 F).
Filtration/Circulation 45 Recycle Mode


For assistance call 1- 800-801-9934 and ask for
Andrea, Renata, Ed, Shlomo, or Chuck

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