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The following artile was published in
Posted on 3/26/05

Submitted by Theo Koumis

“New Environmental Health innovations retailer, helps reduce asthma and allergy attacks by helping c

NEWS: For immediate release - 26th March 2005

“New Environmental Health innovations retailer, helps reduce asthma and allergy attacks by helping cure our nations’ sick buildings.”

“Sick Building Syndrome” is usually associated with large office blocks rather than our own homes, but with the added pollution from mould spores, dust mite skeletons their droppings and eggs, pet dander, tobacco smoke, pollens, organic odours from clothes and cooking, home indoor air-pollution can trigger various allergic reactions, eczema and asthma attacks, especially in young children and babies.

New online Environmental Health innovations shop,, which represents some of the most innovate health products on the market, launches on Easter Monday with its’ flagship product, the world’s safest and most tested Air Sterilizer.

The small and totally silent Airfree P80 uses innovative technology to tackle the increasing problem of indoor air-pollution which surprisingly is often up to 100 times worse than the air outdoors and which has been linked to the reported rise in asthma and allergy attacks over recent years. It does this by actually destroying the airborne particles that trigger these attacks.

Independent laboratory tests prove that the powerful Airfree P80 unit destroys up to 99.99% of micro-organisms and poisonous gases which pass through its’ patented ceramic core no matter how small or hazardous they may be. is the brainchild of Scottish Internet entrepreneur Theo Koumis, 36, who also owns the lifestyle company NET Players Ltd which runs a stable of online dating agencies geared for young professionals including and

Theo said “Between the home, office, pub, gym and commuting, we spend on average, 90%, of our life indoors and consequently breathe in the equivalent of one heaped teaspoonful of dirt into our lungs every day. This dirt is made up of mould, viruses, bacteria, dust, dust mites, pollens, fumes, ozone and other gases. All of which are know to contribute to respiratory allergies such as asthma and rhinitis.”

When Prince Charles highlighted his concerns about Sick Building Syndrome in the media recently and the United States refusal to back the Kyoto Protocol, Theo spotted the opportunity in the Environmental health market and launched offers products to tackle both the problems of environmental air and water pollution, which include air purifiers for the home, office and the car, as well as a range of plumbed in water filtration products which remove chlorine, scale, scum and nitrates from our drinking water to produce bottled-quality water, on tap, all at a fraction of the cost. also offers a range of the most innovative health products available, including products for Motion Sickness, Insomnia, Repetitive Strain Injury and Arthritis.

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