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ASEPTI Medical Steam Sterilizer

Asepti-Clave Tabletop Steam Sterilizer

The Asepti-Clave is a tabletop steam sterilizer featuring a 10” x 18” stainless-steel round chamber. The manufacturer claims it is the fastest full-sized automatic tabletop steam sterilizer commercially available today. The sterilizer uses an Insta-dry system that reportedly produces dry packs at the end of the sterilization cycle. After warm up, a wrapped cycle is purportedly completed in 17-minutes at 272°F with contents emerging completely dry. Eliminating microelectronics, the Asepti-Clave instead uses a sensory-control system to monitor all sterilizer functions. Featuring a non-recirculating water system, the sterilizer uses distilled water that is drained from the machine after every cycle. Pressure and temperature gauges, power, heat, door-open, low-water reservoir, and venting-indicator lights are located on the front panel. A 30-minute dial timer is used along with an adjustable 260°F or 272°F temperature selector for use with wrapped, unwrapped, or liquid cycles. The timed cycle begins when the selected pressure and temperature has been reached. Upon cycle completion the sterilizer automatically vents. The Asepti-Clave weighs 80 lbs and has electrical requirements of 110/120VAC, 20 amp, with international electrical configurations available upon request. Accessories include two trays and a tray rack.


Easy installation and set up
Easy to read pressure and temperature gauges
Delivers fresh water with every cycle
Quick disconnect for waste-water removal
Minimal maintenance required


Failed to meet manufacturer claims of performance
Cycle time took two to three times longer than manufacturer claims
Failed to produce completely dry packs at completion of the cycle
No water reservoir drain
Manual operation of “Water Fill” switch burdensome
Cycle status lights may be too dim for some operators to see
Chamber door may be difficult to operate by some users
Caution must be taken to avoid thermal burn when opening the chamber door after cycle completion
Optional chart recorder/printer not available to document sterilization parameters
Instruction manuals not user-friendly
International electrical configurations not standard and must be special ordered
More expensive than comparable sterilizers on federal government contract


The Asepti-Clave is advertised as the fastest automatic tabletop steam sterilizer currently available, completing a 272°F wrapped cycle in 17-minutes (including warm-up & drying cycles). The Insta-dry system reportedly eliminates the need for a drying cycle and therefore eliminates wet packs, a common complaint with tabletop steam sterilizers. During the laboratory evaluation the sterilizer did not meet manufacturer claims. Cycle times typically took two to three times longer (35 to 45 minutes) than advertised and packs were not dry at the end of the cycle. The chamber door was difficult to open and close, and excessive steam was emitted during the venting cycle that could lead to thermal burns. Manual documentation of cycle parameters is necessary because a printing device is not available. Overall the sterilizer did not perform according to manufacturer claims and lacks user-friendly operating features. The Asepti-Clave is rated Unacceptable for use by US Air Force dental facilities.

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