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Bowie-Dick type test packs monitor sterilizer operation and
air removal for vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers

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Green Card
Bowie-Dick Test Pack
Bowie-Dick test card the size of a credit card. Requires very little storage space. Environmentally safe lead free method for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterlilzers to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures.
Green Card Starter Kit
Starter kit consists of one box of Green Card Bowie-Dick test cards and one test card Holder.
Steri-Pak LF
Lead-Free Disposable Bowie-Dick Test Pack
A disposable test pack for detection of air leaks in pre-vacuum sterilizers. Vivid blue to black color change, lead-free ink chemistry.
Steri-Pak LF
Bowie-Dick Test Sheets
Economical bundles of 8.5"x 11" Bowie-Dick test sheets. Vivid blue to black color change, with lead-free ink chemistry. A test pack consists of several blotter sheets and a test sheet packaged in a box.


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