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Flash-GuardŽ system

What is the FLASH-GUARDŽ system?

The Flash-GuardŽ system allows for the safe and efficient transportation and flash sterilization of medical instruments.

What makes FLASH-GUARDŽ special?

Flash-GuardŽ is the only system of its kind to meet the AORN and AAMI 3-Minute and 10-Minute Flash Sterilization Standards.

Flash-GuardŽ was built to achieve full instrument set sterilization capability in 3 and 10 minute cycles at 270°F. (Please consult the AORN and/or AAMI Guidelines for appropriate sterilization parameters.)

Flash-GuardŽ is a closed container flash sterilization and transport system.

The Flash-GuardŽ system was designed and patented to work in synchronization with gravity displacement (flash) sterilizers and all vacuum autoclaves.

Unique in its class, Flash-GuardŽ is the only container system capable of sterilizing full instrument sets 16 lbs or less of non-porous, non-cannulated instruments at 270°F for 3 minutes. (For cannulated and porous items, Flash-GuardŽ meets the 10-minute cycle requirement as well. These sterilization parameters are the recommended practices of AAMI and AORN.) No other flash sterilization product can make this claim.

Moreover, Flash-GuardŽ was engineered specifically to test and validate the integrity of the flash sterilization process to assure the operator that sterilization parameters have been achieved before instrument transportation occurs.

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