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HG-80 With Innovative Feature…
Just Press A Button To Automatically Open The Lid, Or Close And Lock It.

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Automatic lid opening button replaces a foot pedal.

Automatic lid closing button closes and locks lid conveniently and safely.

New body design with a 80-liter chamber of larger diameter and shorter height.

Safety interlock senses pressure and temperature and prevents lid from opening when the chamber is pressurized, temperature is too high, and also during a cycle.

Programmable auto-start for running a cycle up to 99 hours later.

Large and efficient steam condenser eliminates steam exhaust into the lab.

Over-flow lamp indicates that the drain bottle is full and ready to be emptied.

Built-in cooling fan for faster post-sterilization cooling and shorter completion time.

Selectable rate of steam venting after sterilization.

Programmable time for air removal before sterilization.

Large control and display panel improves functionality and shows the progress of the sterilization cycle:



Outside Dimensions

(19.7W x 27.2D x 35.0H) in
(455W x 691D x 890H) mm

Chamber Dimensions

(14.3D x 28.7H) in,
(364D x 730H) mm
76L working, 85.1L actual

Chamber Volume

Temperature Range

105C to 135C

Sterilization Timer

1 to 300 minutes

Media Warming/ Holding Temperature

Programmable at 45C to 60C to keep media warm up to 24 hours

Auto-Start Timer

Initiate a cycle 1 to 99 hours later

Cooling Fan

Switch to turn fan on or off

Air Removal Timer

Programmable, 3 to 9 minutes after temperature has reached 97C

Steam Venting

Selectable from: No venting and three other venting rates

Temperature for Release of Lid Interlock

Programmable, 60C to 97C for greater safety and flexibility

Sterilization Program Cycles

1) Liquid cycle, 2) Agar (liquid with  warming) cycle,  and 3) Solid cycle

Additional Cycle for Agar Dissolution

Cycle for dissolving and keeping agar warm (no sterilization)

Agar Dissolution Protocol

Initially at 60C-100C for 1-60 min,  then at 45C-60C for up to 24 hours.

Safety Features

Circuit breaker with GFCI, low-water power cut-off, over-temp power cutoff, over-pressure power cut-off, safety valve (0.26MPa gauge), sensor for improper lid closing

Steam Condenser

15-liter water tank

Drain Water Bottle

2 liters

Power Requirements

220V, 50/60 Hz, single phase

Power Consumption

3.7 kilowatts

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Autoclave Accessories
Three different types of stainless steel containers of different heights (large, medium and small) are available for handling different loads. Stacking shorter containers can increase load capacity (two medium-sized and three small-sized containers can fit in a given chamber). A mesh wire basket is suitable for most loads, including glassware and media. A pail is used for media and Petri dishes with liquid in them as well as to contain potential spillage from waste bags. A drum has a hinged lid with a handle. Depending on the load, it serves as a closed (but not watertight) trash container or as a carrying and storage case. The side and bottom of the drum are perforated for better steam penetration. Sliding panels cover these perforations prior to and after sterilization. Two round stainless steel tube racks, either with capacity for sixty 20-mm or ninety 13-mm tubes per rack, are also available. You can stack the tube racks by putting them inside the accessory containers.



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