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Recently, there was some news that Medicare decided to enforce the medical doctors who accept medicare to use printers with their sterilizers.

Here's a list of sterilizers that do have printers on their units:

1. Tuttnauer

2. Pelton Crane

3. Statim 5000

The below printers in sterilizer law was taken from the

Comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in health care facilities

10.5 Sterilization process monitoring devices
10.5.1 Physical monitors
Physical monitors include time, temperature, and pressure recorders; displays; digital printouts; and gauges. For sterilizers with recording charts, the operator should ensure that at the beginning of the cycle the chart is marked with the correct date and sterilizer number. For sterilizers with printouts, the printout should be checked to verify that the cycle identification number has been recorded and that the pen or printer is functioning properly. At the end of the cycle
and before items are removed from the sterilizer, the operator should examine and interpret the chart or printout to verify that all cycle parameters were met and initial it to permit later identification of the operator (see 10.3.1 and 10.3.2). Sterilizers that do not have recording devices should not be used.
Here's the link to the complete code of medicare law




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