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  INCUBATOR SHAKERS (unless stated platform not included) (top)  
Item# Description
SK-727 Incubator shaker, model 727, 80 deg. C max
SK-737 Incubator shaker, model 737, 80 deg. C max
SK-737R Incubator shaker, model 737R, refig. 80 deg. C max
SK-747 Incubator shaker, model 747, 80 deg. C max
SK-747R Incubator shaker, model 747, refig. 80 deg. C max
SK-757 Incubator shaker, model 757, 70 deg. C max
SK-767 Incubator shaker, model 767, 80 deg. C max
SK-767R Incubator shaker, model 767R, refig. 80 deg. C max
SK-777 Incubator shaker, model 777, 80 deg. C max
SK-777R Incubator shaker, model 777R, refig. 80 deg. C max
Item# Description
727P Universal platform for model 727, 15"W x 15"D
727-SR Spring rack for test tubes and flasks for model 727
727-CSR-24 Custom spring rack to hold up to 24 tubes, 7.3" x 14"D
727S Extra 727 shelf (one supplied with shaker)
737P Universal platform for model 737, 20.5"W x 17.8"D
737-SR Spring rack for 737, stainless steel
737-CSR-30 Custom spring rack to hold up to 30 tubes, 8.5"W x 17.5"D
737-CSR-40 Custom spring rack to hold up to 40 tubes, 9.8"W x 17.5"D
737S Extra 737 shelf (one supplied with shaker)
747P Universal platform for model 747, 26"W x 21"D
747-SR Spring rack, stainless steel
747-CSR-44 Custom spring rack to hold up to 44 tubes, 9.8"W x 18.8"D
747S Extra 747 shelf (one supplied with shaker)
757P Universal platform for model 757, 15.8"W x 11.8"D
757-SR Spring rack for 757, w/dedicated non-universal platform, stainless steel
767P Universal platform for model 767P, 30"W x 18"D
767-SR Spring rack for 767, stainless steel
767-CSR-40 Custom spring rack to hold up to 40 tubes, 9.8"W x 17.5"D
767-CSR-88 Custom spring rack to hold up to 40 tubes, 16"W x 18.75"D
777P Universal platform for model 777, 38"W x 24"D
777-SR Spring rack for 777, stainless steel
SKA-DWPH-1 Plate holder to accommodate a max. of 8 microplates or 4 deep well plates
  CLAMPS (top)  
Item# Description
SKA-CC25 Clamp for 25-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC50 Clamp for 50-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC125 Clamp for 125-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC250 Clamp for 250-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC500 Clamp for 500-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC1000 Clamp for 1000-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC2000 Clamp for 2000-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC2800 Clamp for 2.8 L flask (Fernbach), includes cork coaster
SKA-CC4000 Clamp for 4000-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CC6000 Clamp for 6000-mL flask, includes cork coaster
SKA-CDS Additional clamp disc & screw (to 250mL)
SKA-CDL Additional clamp disc & screw (to 500mL to 2L)
SKA-CDXL Additional clamp disc & screw (to 2.8L to 6L)
SKA-CT Additional clamp cork coaster
Item# Description
CV-80 Convection oven, model CV80, 250 deg. C max
CVA-80S Extra CV80 shelf (two supplied with oven)
CV-150 Convection oven, model CV150, 250 deg. C max
CVA-150S Extra CV150 shelf (two supplied with oven)
  INCUBATORS (top)  
Item# Description
IC-80 Incubator, model IC80, 80 deg. C max
ICA-80S Extra IC80 shelf (two supplied with incubator)
IC-150 Incubator, model IC150, 80 deg. C max
ICA-150S Extra IC150 shelf (two supplied with incubator)
IC-150R Refrigerated incubator, model IC150R, 65 deg. C max
ICA-150RS Extra IC150R shelf (two supplied with incubator)
Item# Description
HS-101 Hybridization incubator, model 101, 80 deg. C max and three 40mm x 300mm bottles
HS-111 Hybridization incubator shaker, model 111, 80 deg. C max. 300 RPM for shaking platform (included), and three 40mm x 300mm bottles
Item# Description
HSA-R40 Rotisserie for eight 40mm bottles
HSA-B300 Hybridization bottles, 40mm x 300mm
HSA-B150 Hybridization bottles, 40mm x 150mm
HSA-OR35 Replacement O-ring for bottles, 5/pkg
  WATER BATHS (top)  
Item# Description
WB-20C Water bath, model WB20C, 100 deg. C max
20C-GCS Gable cover for WB20C, stainless steel
Item# Description
SK-929 Orbital water bath shaker, model 929
SK-939 Reciprocating bath shaker, model 939, w/platform
SK-939XL Reciprocating bath shaker, model 939XL, w/platform
Item# Description
929-P Universal platform for 929, stainless steel, 19"W x 12.5"D
929-CC Cooling coil, stainless steel, 3/8" OD
929-SA Extra suspension arms for 929 platform, one set is supplied with shaker
929-SR Spring rack for multiple use in model 929, stainless steel
929-GCS Gable cover for 929, stainless steel
929-GCP Gable cover for 929, Plexiglass
929-CASTERS Swivel and locking castors, 4/set
Item# Description
939-P Universal platform for 939, stainless steel, 15.7"W x 11.8"D (one included with shaker)
939-SR Spring rack for multiple use in model 939, stainless steel
939-GCS Gable cover for 939, stainless steel
939-GCP Gable cover for 939, Plexiglass
Item# Description
939XL-P Universal platform for 939XL, stainless steel, 24.4"W x 11.8"D (one included with shaker)
939XL-SR Spring rack for multiple use in model 939XL, stainless steel
939XL-GCS Gable cover for 939XL, stainless steel
939XL-GCP Gable cover for 939XL, Plexiglass
  CLAMPS FOR BATH SHAKERS: 929, 939 & 939XL (top)  
Item# Description
SKA-C25 Clamp for 25-mL flask
SKA-C50 Clamp for 50-mL flask
SKA-C125 Clamp for 125-mL flask
SKA-C250 Clamp for 250-mL flask
SKA-C500 Clamp for 500-mL flask
SKA-C1000 Clamp for 1000-mL flask
SKA-C2000 Clamp for 2000-mL flask
Item# Description
SK-721 Platform shaker, model 721
SK-722 Platform shaker, model 722
721PR Universal platform for model 721, 24"W x 19"D
721PL Universal platform for model 721, 30.5"W x 18"D
722P Universal platform for model 722, 41.75"W x 23.75"D
722-ROD Rods for 2-tiered platforms, 4/set



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