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The original Series 2100 range of autoclaves have gained an enviable reputation over the years for their reliability, durability and suitability for sterilizing a vast array of instruments.

As a result of ongoing research and development, we have recently launched the New Series 2100 Classic autoclave, the latest and most cost effective solution for the world's preferred method of sterilization.

Stylish aesthetics, together with a host of enhanced features which build on the successful attributes of the original Series 2100 range will ensure the 'Classic' perfectly complements today's modern clinics and the exacting needs of the healthcare professional.

Features & Benefits:
  • Light, compact, portable and robust, top loading autoclave.
  • Fast, 11 minute, 126C sterilizing cycle
  • Simple one step operation starts the automatic cycle.
  • Light sequence indicators show 'Power to Unit' - 'Cycle in Progress' - 'Sterilization in Progress' - 'Cycle is Successful' or 'Cycle has Failed'
  • Interlock system prevents the lid from being removed while the pressure remains in the vessel.
  • Two stage 'over pressure' protection system incorporating a calibrated Pressure Release Valve and a Gasket Offset Device.
  • Extended life 'green' gasket lasts in excess of 750 cycles.
  • Electronic detectors turn off the power if there is insufficient water.
  • Optional temperature and pressure gauges show internal chamber conditions during the cycle.
  • Thermal fuse (all models) and double pole fuses (not 120v models) protect against overheating and electrical faults.
  • 'TST' indicator strips provide independent verification that the correct combination of temperature, steam and time has been achieved for successful sterilization.
  • For assurance of quality, each autoclave is computer tested and issued with a unique Performance Test Certificate showing that the parameters for successful sterilization are met.
  • A Certificate of Compliance (not 120v models) is issued stating the pressure vessel conforms t
  • BS3970 Pt.4, as certified independently by Eagle Star.


Chamber capacity: 12 ltr  
Max width - overall: 340mm  
Max height - overall: 420mm  
Max nett weight: 4.5Kg  
Chamber diameter: 210mm  
Chamber height: 328mm  
Max inst' length: 290mm  
Max load weight: 4kg  
Sterilizing temp': 1212C  
Min sterilizing time: 22mins  
Cycle time - nominal: N/A  
Operating pressure: 1.05bar  
Voltage: 230v  
Wattage: 1500w  
Frequency: 50-60Hz  

Classic 2100 has been designed to comply in part or full with the following standards:

IEC601: Electrical and product safety standard.

DIN 58946: Part 8. Type testing for microbiological performance.

EMC: Electro Magnetic Compatibility. EN 50081 - 1, EN 50082 - 1 and prEN 50082 - 2 are generic standards relating to EMC.

BS 3970 Part 4: British Standard for autoclaves. Pressure vessel complies.

ESCHLE: Electrical Safety Code for Hospital Laboratory Equipment (UK).

UL 544: Underwriters Laboratory (America) covering electrical and product safety.

CSA Class 8721 01: Canadian Standards Association covering electrical and product safety.


Part number
Autoclave cord set - UK 219258
Autoclave cord set - Euro 219297
Autoclave cord set - UL 219299
Furniture kit 1 small container & tray 219266
'V' support
lifting device
Furniture kit 2large instrument container 219267
'V' support
instrument cassette x 3 219265
cassette rack
lifting device
Small instrument container 219292
Large instrument container 219296
Extra Large instrument container 219509
Instrument tray 219293
Instrument cassette 219291
Cassette rack (not for Omega models) 219290
Lifting device 219294
'V' support - for use with containers 219295
Sealing Gasket - Green 219500
Sealing Gasket - Blue (Series 2000 only) 219216
TST indicator strips:
121C / 15 mins 219276
126C / 10 mins 219277
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