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The new Century 3 autoclave provides the most effective and affordable means available for complying with all the guidelines for instrument sterilisation.

  • Vacuum and Non-Vacuum models
  • 16 and 22 litre capacity
  • Single use water system complies with HTM2031
  • Fast 14 minute vacuum 'handpiece' cycle
The triple pulse vacuum system ensurse the safe and effective sterilization of all types of instrument load, for all healthcare applications.
  • Unwrapped solid and hollow instruments
  • Single or multi-wrapped loads
  • Single or double pouched instruments
  • Linen loads

The guidelines as published in the MDA Bulletin
DB2000(05) and the BDA's Infection Control
Advice sheet A12 state that hollow, pouched
or wrapped instruments must be sterilized
in a Vacuum autoclave.

  Century 3 autoclaves incorporate a number of key features and benefits designed to make instrument sterilization easier and more efficient than ever before.
Unique door design
The door is designed to open at the touch of a button and can be pushed closed just as easily.
International Patent No.PCT/GB97/02586
Control and Display panel
The touch sensitive control panel is simple to operate - the press of a button selects the cycle, another starts it.
The 16 & 22 litre chamber has capacity to sterilize a wide variety of loads.
Optional Printer
the printer module provides a permanent record of all cycles.

  • Vacuum cycle for linen loads, wrapped pouched or unpouched instruments, with drying.
  • Vacuum cycle -134oC for 18 minutes.
  • Rapid vacuum cycle (14 minute total cycle time) for unpouched solid or hollow instruments, without drying.
  • Vacuum cycle for Steam Penetration Test.
  • Non-vacuum cycle for unpouched instruments, with drying.
  • Non-vacuum cycle for unpouched instruments, without drying

    Triple Pulse fractionated vacuum cycle
ensusre more effective air removal allowing all loads to be sterilized safely and effectively.
  Bowie Dick & Helix steam penetration tests
gives you piece-of-mind, knowing the autoclave continues to operate effectively at all times.
  Single shot water system - prevents the build up of contaminants within the reservoir, allowing for easy cleaning and, a more hygienic starting point for each sterilisation cycle.
  Automatic air leakage detection test - ensures that if there is a problem with the vacuum system, the sterilising cycle will not operate.

For assistance call 1- 800-801-9934 and ask for
Andrea, Renata, Ed, Shlomo, or Chuck

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