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Autoclave - Pre Vacuum 2000 Sterilizer
Not only performs looks great too!

Available only for the Laboratory Market!

  The Benefits Of a Pre Vacuum Sterilizer To You


The Pre Vacuum Autoclave  not only performs well, it looks good too.  It reflects the trend toward modern, clean aesthetics.  With a new mint green livery, a color coordinated control panel, which is both east to understand and operate , plus new state-of-the-art electronic control systems improving product reliability and cycle times.

Warranty: The one-piece stainless steel chamber had a full 10 year guarantee while the boiler carries a lifetime guarantee.

It is built to last .  It is constructed from the highest quality material with first class finishing, all rigorously tested before leaving the factory.

The door mechanism has an International Patent (No PCT/GB97/02586).. you can open the door with the strength of your smallest finger.  It is as easy as that on a microwave oven.  It is very safe too.  It is impossible to open the door while the cycle is in process.  This unit is designed with the operator in mind, while making sure that at the end of the cycle, whatever is in the chamber is 100% sterilized .

The chamber heating system is unique.  The water comes to a boil very quickly.  This is because of the small boiler which is located at the bottom of the chamber.  Once the water comes to a boil, pure steam is injected into the main chamber.  What this means is that you will never have to spend any money to purchase chamber cleaner,  nor will your staff spend time cleaning the.  The real benefit is that since the chamber is never being  heated by a heater, it never gets dirty, nor will it burn out like other sterilizer chambers do.


The Vacuum Autoclaves:


1.    The Pre Vacuum uses a powerful vacuum pump to ensure the removal of all the air from within the chamber prior to sterilization.

2.    In the absence of air, steam is able to penetrate to all instrument surface, including inside the narrow lumens of hollow instruments such as complete dental handpieces and scopes.

3.    The use of vacuum autoclave is also imperative if instrument pouches or bags are to be used.

4.    On completion of the selected sterilizing cycle, the Pr Vacuum automatic, pulse, post-vacuum drying phase, ensures instruments are perfectly dry.

5.    The post vacuum drying of the instruments helps keep valuable instruments in good condition and prolong their life.

6.    Do you need to adjust the Cycle Time?  click here to find out how to adjust the Prestige vacuum


 Vacuum 30005100 30002100
1.   Chamber Dimensions 10"dia x 13" deep
250mm dia x 330mm deep
10"dia x 17" deep
250mm dia x 430mm deep
2.   Time it takes to get to 273f
3.   Voltage 230V 230V
4.   Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
5.   Litre 16 22
6.   Wattage 2200w 2200w
7.   Overall dimensions 480mm x 410mm x 440mm 480mm x 410mm x 440mm
8.   Weight 40kg 43kg
9.   Number of trays 3 6
10.  List price 1-order-now 1-order-now



The Non - Vacuum Autoclaves


1.    As pressurized steam enters the chamber, air is forced out, allowing the steam to come into contact with all instrument surfaces, destroying harmful bacteria and spores.

2.    When an extremely fast turnaround of instruments is required, selecting the standard non-vacuum cycle, without drying, can offer a total cycle of 13 minutes.

3.    Non-vacuum autoclaves are particularly suitable for applications where predominantly solid instruments are used and a fast turnaround is crucial.
 Non-Vacuum 27015100 27012100
1. Chamber Dimensions 10"dia x 13" deep

250mm dia x 330mm deep

10"dia x 17" deep

250mm dia x 430mm deep

2. Time it takes  to get to 273f
3. Voltage 230V 230V
4. Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
5. Litre 16 22
6. Wattage 2200w 2200w
7.   Overall dimensions 480mm x 410mm x 560mm 480mm x 410mm x 560mm
8. Weight 35kg 37kg
9. # of trays 6 6
10. List price 1-order-now 1-order-now



Intended Use: The Autoclaves are intended to sterilize unwrapped solid instruments

and non-porous loads (excluding lumened instruments, and dental handpieces).


Printer - for vacuum & none vacuum models

The optional printer can be purchased with the sterilizer, or could be added by the end user later. The printer provides the user with a permanent record of each completed sterilizing cycle.  Information includes the model & serial number, the date, time and cycle number, plus the time, temperature and pressure of the sterilizing cycle.


279000      1-order-now



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