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ES 215/ES-315 Portable Autoclaves

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1.  What are portable self-contained sterilizers good for?
Media and other liquid preparations. Decontamination of waste   As a dedicated unit for a particular purpose. BSL level III labs where technician's access is limited and therefore reliability is imperative Locations for which there is no autoclaving facilities Sterilize general laboratory wares where a dry cycle is not necessary Start-up companies with little investment money.

2.  Almost any wet lab can use a Tomy Autoclave. 
Your biggest problem is that most labs have access to a centralized autoclave service or facility that can sterilize a Jeep if they need to.  That makes having an autoclave inside the laboratory a very low priority.  Most often, people will turn to Tomy when they don't have access to such a facility, when the facility is old and unreliable or if  they don't have the money to set one up.  

3.  Why is vertical important? 
Unlike dentists or tatoo parlors, the laboratory has a wide of variety of objects that need to be autoclaved prior to use.   The vertical clearance is especially helpul for tall flasks and beakers.

Tomy ES-215 and ES-315 Autoclaves with Delayed Start Timer and Warming Cycle are completely self-contained, compact, and portable. They roll right to your work bench to give you fast, effective sterilization of media, glassware, instruments, and disposables - on the spot and on your schedule. The ES Series Autoclaves also feature three cycle of operation and Graphic Process Display.


Operation is very easy. Just select the cycle and set the temperature and time. The rest is automatic. A graphic display and audible alarm let you know the process and completion of the operation.

The ES-215 and ES-315 Autoclaves provide convenient processing of your laboratory sterilization and media preparation needs. These functional autoclaves offer three cycles of operation ranging from basic sterilization cycles to automatic warming cycles.

The eight hour warming cycle featured in the Tomy ES Series Autoclaves may be used directly following a sterilization cycle or independently to melt and keep sterile media ready for use.

To increase your convenience, these cycles may be programmed up to 99 hours in advance using the Delayed Start Timer. This feature enables you to have sterile media on hand and ready for use when you need it.

Tomy Autoclaves also spare you the initial installation costs associated with the plumbing and hard wiring of conventional autoclaves because they are portable. Just plug in the power cord, add water, and let the self-contained steam generator and venting system do the rest.

Tomy's vertical loading autoclaves accommodate a wide range of items. Small items like petrie dishes and test tubes are easily accommodated in the stacking baskets while large items like a fermenter or a 25 liter carboy may are also available for sterilizing liquids.

To ensure your safety and complete sterilization, Tomy Autoclaves are equipped with independent temperature and pressure monitoring system.


ES-215 / ES-315 Portable Autoclaves

ES-215 Part Number Z-ES-215-N
Accessories 215B Tall Basket Part Number 2245
215K Tall Bucket Part Number 2246
215S Shelf for Tall Basket Part Number 2247
215TTB Short Basket Part Number 2248
ES-315 Part Number Z-ES-315-N
Accessories 315B Short Basket Part Number 2325
315T Tall Basket Part Number 2326
315K Short Bucket Part Number 2327
315S Shelf for Tall Basket Part Number 2328
Model ES-215 ES-315
Chamber Capacity 22 liters 53 liters
Operating Temperature 105 to 123degree Celsius 105 to 132degree Celsius
Temperature control Microprocessor Control
Temperature Increments 1degree
Temperature Display Type Digital
Pressure Display Range 0 to 2.0 Kgf/sq. cm 0 to 3.5 Kgf/sq. cm
Pressure Display Type Analog
Maximum Operating Pressure 1.5Kgf/sq. cm 2.2Kgf/sq. cm
Sterilization Heat Source Stainless steel electric heater, 1.5Kw Stainless steel electric heater, 2.0Kw
Time Display 1 to 240minutes, and continuous(Sterilization Cycle)
1 to 8 hours(Warming Cycle)
Dimensions 400W x 460D x 920H mm
16W x 18D x 36H inches
490W x 560D x 1,090H mm
19W x 22D x 43H inches
Height of Worksurface 705mm/27.76 inches 875mm/34.45 inches
Chamber Diameter 248mm/9.76 inches 325mm/12.80 inches
Chamber Height 450mm/17.72 inches 635mm/25 inches
Net Weight 50Kg 80Kg
Power 110/120V,50/60Hz,15amps

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