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Varioklave Steam Sterilizers 75S and 135S Safe and NEW

(European Version Sold in Europe only)

Special benefits

Easy to operate, Fast heating, Easy to load, Short batch times, Future-proofed expansion levels, Automated closing system

Our new VARIOKLAV steam sterilizers 75 S and 135 S
guarantees rapid, safe and reproducible sterilization processes. All components and options are designed with a long useful life in mind. This ensures problem-free routine operations.

Safe and fast for
Liquids, culture media, Instruments, glass and fermenters, Pipette tips, Laundry, textiles and filters, Waste

Safe and easy operation
Minimal loading height, very compact design
Quick closure and easy opening thanks to automated closing system
Baskets cannot damage silicone seal
Integrated seal rotates out of the way with the lid
Easy cleaning - no feed water inside the chamber
Easy program selection (3 predefined programs), practical sterilizing programs (liquids, instruments, waste). Additional programs can be freely configured
Secured by key-operated switch
Thermolock according to TRB 402

Safe and future-proof

. TÜV-inspected for safety
. Pressure vessel made of titanium-stabilized stainless steel (V4A), electrically polished
. Multiple documentation modes
. No inaccessible spaces, no contaminated ducts
. Pressure vessel and steam generator according to European pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC

VARIOKLAV® Steam Sterilizers
75 S and 135 S - Safe and NEW


Safe and innovative

. Ultra-flat steam generator inside double bottom
. Separate steam generator and chamber - stores heat, feed water and heats the chamber
. Condensate automatically heated
. Rapid heating to selected liquid temperature with no ballistic effects
. Optional preheating and efficient drying in vacuum or in the sterile air stream
. Automated feed water pump
. Locking system with circumferential safety ring

VARIOKLAV® Steam Sterilizers
75 S and 135 S - Safe and NEW

Our new VARIOKLAV steam sterilizers 75 S and 135 S offer the combined advantages of a double-walled sterilizer (energy savings, optional pre-heating, efficient drying) and a single-walled sterilizer (fast processing, excellent recooling, low cost). Operating the new automated lock is child's play. We use only high-quality industry-standard components.

Big inside - small outside
VARIOKLAV Steam sterilizer 75 S

75 litres, steam generator inside double bottom, thermolock acc.TRB 402, automated closing system, fully automated control unit, timer, wear-free pneumatic lid seal, insert tray, feed water pump, powder-coated housing

VARIOKLAV Steam sterilizer 135 S

135 litres, steam generator inside double bottom, thermolock acc. TRB 402, automated closing system, fully automated control unit, timer, wear-free pneumatic lid seal, insert tray, feed water pump, powder-coated housing

Accessories and retrofitting options
Preheating and steam removal program for significantly shorter batch times
Media temperature control with flexible probe and time trigger
Water recooling unit RM, no supporting pressure required, saves approx. 60 % of the recooling time (incl. media temperature probe)
Supporting pressure ST for water recooling system RM to reduce liquid loss (pressurized air required)
Batch printer, document-proof, built-in version, documents up to two temperatures and one pressure value as well as any error messages
VARIOSOFT software for recording measured values, CD-ROM
RS 232 interface
Exhaust-air filtration FA, self-sterilizing, temperature-controlled, incl. filter cartridge
Exhaust-air filtration FV, similar to FA but in combination with vacuum pump, incl. filter cartridge
Drying in sterile air stream, ideal drying process for glassware, instruments and pipette tips (pressurized air required)
Vacuum pump for simple and fractionated pre-vacuum and for drying.
Stainless-steel pump housing and bronze running wheel

Technical specifications

Free-standing unit: (type) 75 S 135 S
Dimensions (WxDxH): (mm) 500 x 650 x 1000 600 x 750 x 1050
Chamber dimensions (ØxD): (mm) 400 x 615 500 x 700
Loading height: (mm) 750 800
Usable volume: (litres) 75 135
Steam generator: (litres) 6 8
Power requirement (3N~400V/50Hz): (kw) 6 7.5
Weight: (kg) 140 170
Material pressure vessel:   1.4571 DIN 17440 (V4A) 1.4571 DIN 17440 (V4A)
Max. operating temperature: (°C) 135° 124° or 135°
Max. operating pressure: (bar) 2,5 / Vacuum 1,4 or 2,5 / Vacuum
Mark of conformity:   CE CE

Right for tecnical modifications is reserved - da0630e.qxd 05/00


Free-standing units - proven design for decades
facilitate fast loading and removal

Universal basic versions for the microbiological standard laboratory for

• Liquids, culture media
• Solids such as instruments, glassware and devices
• Waste

Safe and future-proof

• Modules available for fast cooling, prevacuum and drying and for exhaust-air fi ltration with condensate sterilization
• Direct and independent batch documentation
• Newly developed fitting blocks without dead spaces ensure sterilization quality and eliminate problem zones when sterilizing waste

• Abundant supply of accessories

One sterilizer with many advantages
• No cheap compromises: Processes, measurements, fittings, stainless steel finishing and batch documentation compliant
with DIN and industry standards
• Fast closure - easy opening thanks to our Fingertip Quick Lock



The VARIOKLAV 75 S and 135 S steam sterilizers with their ultra-flat steam generators in their double bottoms combine the advantages of a double-walled device -low energy consumption, permanently ready for use, effective deaeration and drying by built-in jacket heater - with those of a single-wall device -fast cooling. The chamber is free of furnishings and feed water and therefore easy to clean.

The basic version features four sterilizing programs, two for liquids and one each for solids and for waste. Up to 16 programs
can be stored by the control unit, depending on the modules and options installed.

Up to eight pressure changes combined with effective steam flushing drive out the residual air from solids and waste, allowing
faster heating by pulsating steam.

And after your purchase?
Benefit from fast batch processing, low operating cost thanks to efficient steam management and our close-knit service and
consulting network.


Free-standing units with 75 and 135 liters


Safe and easy operation

• Direct selection of your three most important programs
• Extensive loading capacity of 75 and 135 litres
• Minimum loading height of 750 and 800 mm
• Two gas pressure springs equalize the weight of the lid
• No feed water in the chamber, a great advantage during loading and unloading, low steam escape when lifting the lid
• No heating elements in the chamber, no burning of agar


• Ultra-narrow design, only 500 and 600 mm in width
• Innovative thermolock pursuant to TRB 402 for liquids
• Automatic spent-steam condensation
• Versatile control unit, simple for operators and flexible for lab management

Control unit: Sterilizing parameter ranges

Sterilizing temperature: 98 - 134 °C (target value)
Sterilizing time: 1 - 999 minutes
Removal temperature: 40 - 95 °C (thermolock)
Key-operated switch: For program configurations
Timer: Start of sterilizing cycle by date and time
Removal pressure: 105 - 120 kPa
Customized settings can be configured by manufacturer‘s customer service:
Temp. increase beyond target: Up to +8 K in steam gener. during heating phase
Pressure changes: 0 - 8, adjustable
For more information see Technical Specifications datasheet

Additional button for raising the lid
Mixed loads

Unique Fingertip Quick Lock*

Never before has opening and closing a lid been so simple and convenient. When a button is pressed, a safety ring locks the lid. It is tensed pneumatically, circumferentially encloses the lid and places itself immovably inside the closing ring. A movable
seal closes the sterilizing chamber, making it pressure-tight and vacuum-tight.

* Design patent


• The steam pressure on the lid is transferred with maximum safety to innumerably many points on the closing ring - not just to two positions as with clip locks
• Two pressure sensors check for complete pressure release before the lid can be opened
• Silicone seal movable by pressurized air:
-uniform closing pressure, reliable seal
- wedge-shaped profiles automatically retract the seal when the pressure is gone
-long life


Opening aid actuated by pressurized air

• Lid swings back on pressing a button
• Raises lid by up to 60°


Water level control by exploiting the differences in heat conductivity between water and steam - no maintenance

Double bottom as steam generator
This ultra-flat double bottom rapidly generates steam - a new milestone in steam sterilizer technology. This gives the sterilizers
an unusually compact design. Advantages
• Steam generation and chamber are separated - stores heat and feed water, preheats the sterilizing chamber, collects and separates condensate and permits the drying of solids
• No contamination of feed waters by drop condensates, waste, or culture media, leaving the sterile supplies free of deposits
by impure steam
• Minimum water volumes in the steam generator make economic use of heating energy and reduce the amount of water used for fast cooling
• CH = chamber SG = steam generator FP = feed water pump
• Fast heating and effective deaeration through tangential steam entry

Fitting blocks: e.g. Floor Drain Valve*

• Drain valve in the chamber floor eliminates dead spaces and thereby non-sterilizing zones, ensures a sterile condensate and prevents the spread of pathogens non-sterilizing zones
• The valve seat closes directly inside the sterilizer and can be steam-sterilized from all sides
• A chamber sensor for the condensate temperature is integrated in the valve (flow sensor) and measures the temperature in the coldest spot - in the disposal line
• Drain valve is heated by double bottom - preventing agar deposits
*Patent pending

Loading capacity 75 S 135 S
Round laboratory flasks (500 ml) 26 63 - 66
Round laboratory flasks (1.000 ml) 16 - 18 30
Round laboratory flasks (2.000 ml) 8 16
Square laboratory flasks (250 ml) 80 140
Square laboratory flasks (500 ml) 28 66
Erlenmeyer flasks (1.000 ml) 10 24
Solids =<25kg =<30kg
Waste =<25kg =<30kg

Double bottom and available modules (diagram)

Universal feed water connector

• Optionally suction from non-pressurized reservoir or feeding via demineralized water feed
• Integrated pump equalizes all pressure variations in external supply lines
• Automatic level control before, during and after the process ensures that the system is permanently ready for use


Separate steam generator control

A comprehensive program package for chamber and steam generation that controls both pressure chambers separately offers extra versatility.


• Preheating: Steam generator permanently under pressure
• More efficient air removal by faster pressure changes and shorter intervals, which is a great advantage especially when sterilizing waste in waste bags
• Following sterilization, the chamber is free of condensate, which further reduces the amount of steam that escapes when the lid is opened and additionally helps avoid unpleasant odours when sterilizing waste
• Shortens batch processing times by up to 30 % Aquastop at sterilizer water intake avoids water damage and turns water supply lines off even in standby mode.


VARIOKLAV Steam Sterilizers Order No.
Media temperature controlled timing 24415
Separate steam generator control (preheating) 20029
Batch documentation, direct or independent 20061 or 20062

Fast liquid cooling (RM) 20034 (RO) 20041, or (RG) 20042
Prevacuum, single or fractionated 20026 or 20027
Drying, in vacuum or in sterile air stream 20028, 20029 or 20040
Exhaust-air filtration with condensate sterilization 20068

Operation supply and spent steam removal
Sterile steam, spent steam condenser, aquastop, e.g. on request

Additional options
e.g. cooling with coiled tubing or air, stainless-steel cover, sterile venting, higher sterilizing temperatures, chamber extension / volume enlargement, prion programs, additional sterilizing programs on request
Sterilization baskets, lifting jack for sterilization baskets, bases, consumables on request

135 S with lifting jack

Media temperature controlled timing

Product temperature is attained more quickly through controlled temperature increments.
No overheating of medial, timer-controlled sterilizing times, includes flexible liquid sensor.

These innovative VARIOKLAV steam sterilizers represent the current state of the art and guarantee rapid, safe and reproducible sterilization processes. This ensures long-term problem-free routine operations.

1-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects, except for consumables
3-years warranty on electric heating elements
5-years warranty for stainless-steel pressure vessel

Electrolytically polished chamber - long-term assurance of high infection control standards and corrosion protection

Composition of batch times* Program steps Deaeration / Heating Prevacuum Sterilization 121 / 134 °C Steam release Cooling ST  90 °C Fast cooling module
Liquids (min) 15 - 45 20 / 10   30 - 110 15 - 60 10 - 45 10 - 50
Solids (min) 15 - 30 20 / 10 2 - 4    
Waste (min) 15 - 30 - / 15 4 - 8    
* Load: empty and fully loaded Captions: ST= forced cooling RM = jacket cooling RO/RG = with fan


Technical Data Type 75S 135S
External dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 500 x 650 x 1000 600 x 750 x 1050
Internal dimensions (ØxH) (mm) 400 x 600 500 x 700
Loading height (mm) 750 800
Usable volume (Litres) 75 135
Steam generator (water vol./ total vol.) (Litres) 4,0 / 6,0 5,0 / 8,0
Power requirement / Heat output (kW) 4,8 / 4,5* 7,8 / 7,5
Power / Supply frequency (V/Hz) 3N ~ 400 / 50* 3N ~ 400 / 50
Quick lock   ring quick lock ring quick lock
Weight (kg) 140 170
Material for pressure vessel   1.4571 DIN 17440 1.4571 DIN 17440
Standards   DIN 58951-2 DIN 58951-2
Max. operating temperature (°C) 138 138
Max. operating pressure / vacuum (bar) 2,5 / -1 2,5 / -1
Mark of conformity / Notified body   CE / 0036 CE / 0036
European Pressure Equipment Directive (category) II II
Order No.   22425 22525
*) instead of 4,5 kW .. 3,0 kW for 230 V mains connection